The Present Financial Position of KSEBL - A discussion

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The Present Financial Position of KSEBL - A discussion

Postby jamespamy » Tue Jan 22, 2019 8:11 am

Dear Engineers
The finance position of KSEBL is very alarming and the major quarter of FY is to be tide over in the coming months. Budgetary control is introduced to regulate expenditure judiciously to maintain discipline in expenses. It is expecting that a better revision of tariff in tune of 600 to 700 cr per annum to be ordered by SERC last week. But it is delayed and reasons unknown.
The annual report of KSEBL gives the state of affairs and everybody should refer it. The report of FY 2016-17 is available now so present status not clear. But it is very clear that the funds and credits are delaying in these months and it is difficult to lean through the coming months of increased power rates, purchases and expenses for works executing the pre summer period.
Can we analyse the actual facts behind this and the decisions back fired and squeezed the finance which lead us to such a bleak economy. The earlier decisions of unpaid subsidies, political decisions over the finance and technical facts, Transgrid like projects, taking the additional responsibility of 400 kV construction by PGCIL (500 cr or 246 cr in extra plus a special team for assistance- Is we get the Govt share? etc), Kfone, Sampoorna Vydhyuthi expenses to be borne by state, the Saura etc etc.
Can a team of engineers with interest and finance back ground may conduct a study and analyse the facts and reasons behind this fiscal deficit which may adversely affect the future and financial stability and credibility of the company.
It can be a academic project of who doing MBA also!!
This analytical findings can be published as a White Paper by us in Bullet, if it is done by association
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