Engineers House, TC 26/1300, Panavila, Thiruvananthapuram - 6950010471
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  1. Members of the Association shall be officers of the Kerala State Electricity Board of and above the rank of Assistant Engineers.
    Note: (a) Persons temporarily reverted from the Assistant Engineers cadre to a lower cadre, may continue as member for a period of 12 months from the date of reversion
    (b) Persons whose services are temporarily lent with lean in the Department are eligible for membership.
  2. Persons of eminence in the field of Engineering or the Applied science and retired officers of the Board above the cadre of Assistant Engineers are eligible to become Honorary members.
  3. Every application for admission to the Association shall be sent through the local unit to the General Secretary who will place it before the Executive Committee at its next meeting. The Executive Committee shall have powers to admit or reject the application.
  4. Honorary members shall be elected only by the executive Committee.
  5. The annual subscription for membership shall be Rs.200/- plus application fee Rs.5.For life membership an amount of Rs.2000/- shall be paid. The subscription and shall be payable in one installment.
  6. Honorary members shall be exempted from the annual membership subscriptions. But they may make donations or render other help to the Association.
  7. A defaulter in payment of the subscription shall be removed from the Association as per bye-law, He may, however, re-enroll himself as member after payment of arrears and penalty.
  8. Extra subscriptions can be collected for any specific purpose sanctioned by the Executive Committee.