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KSEB Engineers’ Benevolent Fund is a flagship scheme, which had started its operation in 1977 under our prestigious KSEB Engineers’ Association. The intention of the scheme is to provide immediate financial assistance to the bereaved family of fellow Engineers who unfortunately meet with untimely death. The benevolent fund also provides reimbursable emergency medical assistance loan, benevolent amount to family on death of retired members who are members of the Extended scheme of the fund and also provides Medical assistance to members who are faced with critical illness. The Association through the Benevolent fund has so far provided financial assistance amounting to Rs 40 lakh (approximately) to the family of 56 bereaved members of the Association.

The fund was formed with one time member subscription of Rs.500/- with an assured benevolent amount of Rs.25,000/-. In October 1982, the next scheme (B Class) was introduced with an enhanced subscription of Rs.1000/-, and benevolent amount of Rs.50,000/-. Further, benevolent amount has been enhanced to Rupees One Lakh with member subscription of Rs.2, 000/- (i.e. Class-A). During 2007, Governing body took the decision to introduce SILVER SCHEME with a subscription of Rs.4000/- per member and benevolent amount of Rs.2, 00,000/-. The capital of the fund is raised from Rs.51 lakh to Rs.55 lakh in this tenure.

During the Annual General Body meeting of the Fund held at Thodupuzha on 10th April 2016 decided to start a new scheme named as Silver plus scheme with one time member subscription of Rs. 6,000/- and a benevolent amount of Rs. 3,00,000/-. Members who are a member in Class A or Silver scheme shall enroll in the Silver plus scheme by remitting the difference of the subscription amount

The AGB convened in 1996 had decided to extend some benefits to the retired Engineers, who are the back bone of our Association, and the scheme was named as Benevolent Fund Extended Scheme.


  • Financial assistance to members nominated by the members of the Fund who die while in service of the Board, including those on deputation.
  • Financial Assistance to the members who are permanently in capacitated for further service by physical or mental disablement and are thrown out of service on that account.
  • An amount of Rs.2, 00,000/- will be donated from the Benevolent fund to the nominee of the deceased Silver Scheme member of the Association.
  • An amount of Rs.3, 00,000/- will be donated from the Benevolent fund to the nominee of the deceased Silver Plus Scheme member of the Association.
  • Financial Assistance may be given to members for treatment in every serious ailment when the total expense for the treatment exceeds Rs.25, 000, when recommended by the local unit (also shall be a member of the Silver Scheme).