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Governing Body

Governing Body Meetings

Governing Body


  1. In addition to the responsibilities specifically mentioned in other Bye-laws, the Governing Body shall arrange for:-
  • the General administration of the affairs and the assets of the Association in accordance with Bye-laws and Rules,
  • the proper investment of the funds of the association.
  • the regular audit of the accounts of the Association.
  • the efficient conduct of the Association.
  • election of office bearers of the Association.
  • the proper conduct of the Annual General Body Meeting.
  • the presentation of the Annual Report, the audited statement of accounts for the last official year and the Budget for the current official year at the Annual General Body Meeting as per terms of Bye-law VI. 2(b) (i) and
  • Such other work as may be directed by the General Body.
  1. The Governing Body shall have in addition to the powers specifically mentioned in other Bye-laws, the powers to;-

(a) frame rules in accordance with the Bye-laws, as may be necessary for the

discharge of the routine administrative functions of the Association.

(b) appoint and /or to remove the salaried staff of the association and to allot them

their duties, and

(c) take such disciplinary action as it may think proper on the salaried staff of the Association.

  1. Except in cases where there are specific directives in the Bye-laws or from the General Body, the Governing Body shall be the ultimate authority to decide the following;

(a) Necessity and manner of any representations to be made on behalf of the   Association, and

(b) Necessity and manner of any function to be arranged or work to be undertaken  under the auspices of the Association.

  1. The Governing Body shall review at each meeting;

(a) the accounts of the Association, placed before it by the Treasurer,

(b) the quarterly statements received from the District units as per Bye-law VII (6)    placed before it by the Treasurer.

(c) transactions involving an expenditure exceeding Rs.500/- incurred by the Treasurer, placed before it by the treasurer, and

(d)   Reports received from Units shall be placed before the next Governing Body and decision thereon shall be communicated to the unit.

  1. The Governing Body shall review at each meeting reports, on;

(a) the implementation of decisions taken in previous committee meetings, and

(b) the working of its Sub Committees which shall be placed before it by the General  Secretary

6 (a). The Governing Body shall normally meet at least once in two months. The meeting shall be called by the General Secretary and a notice of not less than 7 days shall be given for such meetings. It shall be held at such place as the General Secretary may decide. The agenda shall be indicated in the notice. The President may in special cases authorise the convening of an emergency meeting of the Governing Body at less than 48 hours notice. The quorum for a Governing Body meeting shall be eight. The meeting shall be presided over by the President or in his absence by the Vice-President. In the absence of both, a member of the Governing Body shall be elected by the members present to take the Chair. As far as possible Governing Body meting should be held at different centres

(b) The Governing Body may also transact business by circulating papers.

  1. The General Secretary shall convene an Governing Body meeting if there be a requisition for the same with an Agenda signed by not less than 3 members of the Committee, within 7 days of receipt of the requisition.
  2. Minutes shall be prepared of all Governing Body meetings and kept. The minutes of the Committee meeting shall be read and passed at the next meeting. Copy of the minutes shall be forwarded to all Governing Body members and District units.
  3. Individual members of the Association shall be given opportunity, if they so request in writing through District units, to represent in person before the Governing Body any view point or suggestions regarding the activities of the Association.
  4. Any member of the Governing Body who is absent for two consecutive meetings of the committee shall cease to be a member thereof and the fact may be reported to the District units for further action. The absence may however be condoned by the Governing Body on representation by the member concerned.
  5. The Governing Body shall appoint auditors for auditing of accounts specified in Bye-law No. VI. 2 (b) (i). subject to relevant regulations guiding appointment of auditors.
  6. Votes at a Governing Body meeting shall be tendered personally. Every member of the Governing Body present in person shall have one vote. The Chair will have privilege of a casting vote in the case of a tie.
  7. The Governing Body at its first meeting after taking office, shall constitute a Services Sub Committee from itself or from the membership under Bye-law X which shall be entrusted with the work connected with promotion and protection of service interests of the members of the Association.
  8. The Governing Body shall as far as funds permits,

(i). make arrangements for the conduct of research by members and for collection of data, etc,. required thereof;

(ii). purchase such technical journals and publications as are considered suitable and arrange for their circulation to the District units and to such members as are willing to bear the cost of circulation.