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Hydel APR-JUNE 2014

volume 60                                               P ISSN 0970-4582



 SINCE 1954

Theme: Energy Planning for the Sustainable Development of Kerala


The energy crisis and the threats of climate change coerce us to make the first move for a energy planning for the sustainable development of our state. Energy planning is the process of developing long-range policies to guide the future of energy systems ranging from local to global. Energy planning is often conducted within Governmental organizations or power utilities or producers. Energy planning may be carried out with input from different stakeholders including government agencies, local utilities, and academia. Energy planning is often conducted using integrated approaches that consider both the provision of energy supplies and the role of energy efficiency in reducing demands.

 A new trend in energy planning known as Sustainable Energy Planning takes a more holistic approach to the problem of planning for future energy needs. Sustainable energy planning become a key factor in the sustainable development of the state.We want to develop self sufficiency and security in our energy sector while employing best available practice in the planning processes. The process incorporate all core area of Engineering that ensures efficient utilisation of production of energy.

 Sustainable energy planing is based on a structured decision making process with the following steps; examination and formulation of problems and opportunities, modeling, presentation of the result of model analysis in structured manner, interpretation of the results, quality assurance, publication and implementation of a range of policies, regulations, procedures or tasks which together will help to achieve the goals of the sustainable energy plan.

 The article included in this edition are drawn from academia as well as from industrial experts and arranged in logical manner to ignite the discussions on energy plan for the future of our Kerala.


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,Electrical Energy and Sustainable Development: A Kerala Perspective [download id=”364″]
Saina Deepthi P.S., Chandramohanan Nair, D. Parameswara Sharma
Grid-interactive SPV Rooftop plants:- A Solution for Energy Crisis [download id=”365″]
Prof.(Dr). M. Jayaraju
Generation of Electricity from Organic Waste  [download id=”366″]
Dr. A. SajiDas
Operational Issues of Pricing Schemes for Renewable Energy [download id=”367″]
Rajeev T., Ashok S.
Failure of Distribution Transformers due to  Harmonic Pollution [download id=”368″]
Mabel Ebenezer, P.S.Chandramohanan Nair
Drainage Power Recovery from Distribution Transformers  [download id=”369″]
Preetha P K, P S Chandramohanan Nair
Cool Roofs: An Energy Saving Technology [download id=”370″]
Steffi Stephen, Arunima S, Niranjana S
Space Based Solar Power: Our future hope [download id=”371″]
Joji chacko Varghese
Performance of Source Separation Alogrithm
on Ground Borne Low Level Vibration Signals  [download id=”372″]
Krishna Kumar M., Geethu R. S., Pramod K.V.
Design and Development of Microcontroller based Maximum Power Point
Tracker and Inverter for Small Power Applications  [download id=”373″]
T. Bogaraj, J. Kanakaraj
Smart Distribution solutions: Safe & Reliable [download id=”374″]

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