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National Energy Conservation Day – 14th of December.

National energy conservation day 2013 would be celebrated on Saturday, at 14th of December.

National Energy Conservation Day in India

National energy conservation day is celebrated every year by the people all over the India on 14th of December. The Energy Conservation Act in India was executed by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) in the year 2001. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency is a constitutional body which comes under Government of India and helps in the development of policies and strategies in order to reduce the energy use. The Energy Conservation Act in India act aims to employ the professional, qualified and energetic managers as well as auditors who are with expertise in managing the energy, projects, policy analysis, finance or implementing the energy efficiency projects.

Objectives of National Energy Conservation Day

National energy conservation day is celebrated every year using particular theme of the year by keeping in mind some goals and objectives to make more effective all over the country among people. Some of the important goals are:


  • It is celebrated to send the message of importance of conserving energy in the every walk of life among people.
  • Promoting the way of process of energy conservation by organizing a lot of events such as discussions, conferences, debates, workshops, competitions and etc all through the country.
  • Promote people for less energy usage by neglecting the excessive and wasteful uses.
  • Encourage people for efficient energy use in order to decrease the energy consumption and prevent the energy loss.