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Dear Engineers,

As we all are aware , the recent unfortunate spate in electrical accidents has thrust upon us an urgent need for imbibing a safe working culture in our industry which inherently is accident prone. In this regard, subsequent to the discussions in the meeting convened by the Chairman with all the Associations and trade unions and the discussions our Association had with KSEB Workers Association, it has been decided that all out support, guidance and participation of our members is to be provided for all positive actions in the matter of safety initiated from any quarter. It was also decided that we need to imbibe a culture for a safe working habit. In this regard, all our members are called upon to implement the following :

1. As a first step in this direction, all our field engineers shall extend all possible help for invoking safety culture among our employees by providing all help for the safety lectures, demonstration , hands on training etc being planned by the various employees associations.

2. Further, all our field engineers are requested to take immediate action for initiating pre monsoon maintenance activities at the earliest but not later than 15-05-2014 and to complete the same before the onset of monsoon.

3. Action should be taken by all our Assistant Engineers, Assistant Executive Engineers, Executive Engineers, Deputy Chief Engineers to ensure that adequate personal protection equipment and safety accessories are made available for the field staff, by utilizing their delegated powers. In this regard, the Chairman and Managing Director has made it clear that finances will not be a hindrance in the matter of procurement of adequate safety accessories.

4. Immediate action should be initiated at the appropriate level for making available the items that are not in stock at section level for carrying out the pre monsoon maintenance. However the maintenance activities shall be initiated immediately by using the available materials. It is requested that any hindrance in making available the materials required for the pre-monsoon maintenance may please be immediately brought to the notice of the Association for taking up issue with the Director (Distribution & Generation Electrical) and the Chairman & Managing Director.

5. All our field engineers are called upon to carry out random inspection of workplaces without any prior intimation to ensure that safe working practices are employed by their concerned staff.

It is requested that the above details may be communicated to all our members for adherence so that TOGETHER WE CAN INCULCATE A ZERO TOLERANCE TO ACCIDENTS AND THEREBY PAVE THE WAY FOR A SAFE WORK ENVIRONMENT IN OUR ORGANISATION.