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Hydel Bullet

February 2010

February 2010968 DownloadsIn this coloumn of 2009, February edition , we called upon the trade unions and Associations to get rid of the usual lethargy and demand to start the pay revision Exercise so as to conclude the new package before the threshold limit set for corporatization. Download Now!

January 2010

January 2010910 DownloadsFood ,Clothing and Shelter have been considered as the basic needs of Humans for long. But today, if anyone asks the modern age common man, he will surely add electricity as the forth basic need of the present day life style. Download Now!

December 2009

December 2009891 DownloadsThe Power Engineers Training and Research Centre(PETRAC) was set up as a statutory institute mandated by rules to impart training of Electrical Engineers for obtaining license to operate Power houses and EHT Sub Stations under KSEB Download Now!

November 2009

November 2009913 DownloadsAfter a long spell of scarcity, the fresh air is getting induced in KSEB environment. The long felt acute shortage of Assistant Engineers is expected to be made up soon when the 302 numbers strong team , whose appointment letters have already been sent, join the technical fold of the organisation. Download Now!

October 2009

October 2009831 DownloadsWhen the Hon.Minister desired to summon the Trade union and association leaders at durbar hall last month for discussing the restructuring of our organisation, We were given a feeling that the representatives of Employees and Engineers will have a role in deciding our future. Download Now!

September 2009

September 2009809 DownloadsTwo years has been passed since the occurance of the tragic event that took eight precious lives at Panniar power house on the 17th afternoon of september, 2007. The disaster initiated in the form of a spiraling water fountain emanated from a sheared penstock pipe. Download Now!

August 2009

August 2009790 DownloadsThough frozen in government cold storage, KSEB is still pulsating and quite unexpectedly a spark is visible at the end of tunnel signalling her revival. The light apperared in the form of a land mark judgement of the Appelette tribunal for electricity in a case between Chattisgarh State trading corporation Chattisgarh state regulatory…

July 2009

July 20091140 DownloadsIt is neither good governance nor bad governance that is going on in KSEB, but it is un governance! Governance is only about people and only a good governed lot will bemorally bound to run the machinery well oiled. Most of the governing function in KSEBis entrusted with the office of the chief…

June 2009

June 20091071 DownloadsWhen a qualified and elegible candidate seeks employement,he/she will be presented with so many oppurtunities out of which, one job will be selected after evaluating the pros and corns of the offered service benefits Download Now!