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Tech Blitz

Google Home Mini, Chrome cast and inverter  LED- Technology update

Google Home Mini- you can buy this product from flipkart and this will be a one stop solution for all your searches and requirements. A good device which require just a wifi network( after installation you can use your own hotspot) and google home app. This can be user for controlling your room temperature, music player, alarm, reminder,maps and your TV etc.
Chrome cast- Another device of GOOGLE which allow you to connect your phone to TV. You can play movie or songs or anything using this google device and control the same from your Google Home mini. This can be used with Youtube Netflix etc.
Another good thing- for all those who don’t have inverter at home may purchase Inverter LED. This LED has a switching mechanism with inbuilt battery and AC supply. One is costing 450 or less in on line shopping. This will solve the issue if you dont want to search for a candle light or match box.