Engineers House, TC 26/1300, Panavila, Thiruvananthapuram - 6950010471

Thrissur Unit meeting on 07-10-2015

Meeting started 5:30 with a silent prayer and Er. C R Thomas (DyCE Distribution Circle Thrissur) on chair. He explained about latest developments in KSEBL and KSEBEA since last meeting and also opined about the latest comments on KSEBL in Social Media regarding issues like Security Deposit and Door lock issues etc.  Er. N T Job Sec(N) talked on Er’s Day program and its grant success and electrification of 20 homes at thrissur. He also talked on referendum , New HVDC link to MDKA etc. Minutest of meeting by Er. Shine Sebastian Sec TCR unit. Er. K V Abdu on Ers day program and he appreciated all members who supported this event and making it a grant success. Er. jiji Francis also talked on electrification program. Er. Shine Sebastian presented a seminar on PUMPED STORAGE SCHEME and its scope. He covered various topics which includes ASYNCHRONOUS PUMPED STORAGE, importance of PSS on kerala system, Possibility of pumped storage at idukki and athirapilly. He also conveyed that introduction of PSP in to kerala grid will also act as a cushion for absorbing the more power produced by SOlar projects and KDBPP, BDPP and Kayamkulam projects.

Er. H Suresh presented vote of thank and meeting came to a close by 7 PM.