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Discover the Benefits of Joining KSEB Engineers’ Association

If you are interested in furthering your career, KSEB Engineers’ Association is a good start. We are a synergistic group, meaning that the effect of a collection of people is greater than just one person. We are Professional in our approaches, words and deeds. The KSEBEA is a professional body of power engineers and always strives to impart professional excellence amongst its members through all possible means.

So, how exactly can becoming part of this synergistic group help further your career goals? Here are some benefits of joining KSEB Engineers’ Association

Mentoring: Mentoring is a keystone of KSEB Engineers’ Association when it comes to working with younger members. It will help you get advice from someone much more experienced in the field and share your thoughts.

Professional Development: KSEB Engineers’ Association offer professional development via courses, workshops, publications, and information on our website shared only with members. We also try to keep members up to date on industry trends and how to deal with them. We support our members in research and development in the Electrical and allied engineering field

Networking: Our Annual General Body meetings , Unit Meetings and National level seminars will give you an opportunity for you to mix and mingle with others in your field in both professional and leisure settings.

Conferences. Provide opportunity to hear from keynote speakers in the industry the trends in the field.

Industry standards: Provide information about continuing education opportunities and new certifications and through our publications you are keeping informed about new statistics and best practices in the field.

Codes of ethics: It’s vital to understand these codes in order to know what is considered best practice and what is accepted in the industry. This will help to increase the credibility and trustworthiness as a practitioner in a field.

Updates on policies: It’s amazing how much one piece of legislation can impact a profession. We are devoted to updating members about these changes. We also advocate for the profession and notify members about how to prepare for any change.

Broaden your knowledge: We will provide an enormous amount of access to resource information such as: case studies, articles, white papers and books written by experts in your field or area of interest.

Welfare of Members: Apart from imbibing professional excellence, the association looks after the service related matters and welfare matters of the members in service and also closely follows up the pension related service matters of retired members. The Association is operating a Benevolent Fund since 1977 for the benefit of the family of those unfortunate members who expire while in service. Provides Medical assistance to members who are faced with critical illness.

Social Services & charity activities: The KSEBEA help you to involve in charity activities like providing free electrification of houses of the poorest of the poor, providing free educational kits to children belonging to socially and financially backward community, providing free medical aid etc. The KSEBEA also conducts awareness programmes on topics like energy conservation, electrical safety etc. among school children.

So we welcome you network in your professional community, gain access to current events in your career area, or just have some fun while meeting new people, joining KSEB Engineers’ Association is a step in the right direction!